Beginners A1-A2

A1 - One can understand short texts, everyday conversations & very simple sentences, as well as formulate own questions & answer them, also formulate requests & respond to requests. One can also introduce oneself & others.
(Fees: Rs.16000)

A2 - Same skills are strengthened e.g. Likes & dislikes, Pro & contra, more complicated structures writing formal & informal mails. Reading more complicated texts & extracting information.
(Fees: Rs.16000)

Intermediate B1 - B2

B1 - Main focus is on familiar topics associated with schools, universities, work, leisure, travel, etc in standard language. one can express in a simple manner areas of interest as well as describe goals, dreams, wishes, own views & plans.
(Fees: Rs.17000)

B2.1 - Consolidation of structures already learnt till B1 & expansion of vocabulary covering detailed themes e.g. environment, family, profession, living ,leisure ,shopping, travel.
(Fees: Rs.18000)

B2.2 – The Learners can handle detailed conversation with native speakers on various subjects without any difficulty. He/ she can analysis issues in critical manner & express his/her views on it.
(Fees: Rs.18000)

Advanced C1 - C2

C1 - The learners can express him/herself in professional environment deal with complicated texts and themes & express opinions related to intricate subjects.
(Fees: Rs.19000)

C2 – At the final stage the learner has achieved native speaker proficiency & can understand as well as express opinions on themes related to current affairs in Germany & German speaking countries as well as international issues. Both written & spoken competencies are comparable to native speakers.
(Fees: On Demand)

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Exam Preparatory Modules

We prepare you for international certifications at every level from A1 to C2. (Fees:  Included in the course. Exam preparation for external candidates also available)

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