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All also levels available in online format
Every online course is live with a dedicated trainer and material

A1 weekends offline  starting 23 April 2022

A1 Weekends Online starting soon!

A2 Online Weekdays Mornings (8:00-9:30) starting on 25 April 2022

A2 Online Weekdays evenings starting on 25 April 2022

B1 Weekdays evenings 
B1 Weekdays mornings

B2.1 mornings
B2.2 starting on 25 April 2022

C1 starting soon!
C1 refreshers starting soon!

C2 Weekends starting soon!

B1 Exam training always available !
B2 Exam training always available !
C1 Exam training always available !
Test- DaF available!

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