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Online German Language Course

Introduction - People interested in learning German who do not have time or the possibility of attending the class personally have the opportunity to gain the same knowledge by means of an online course. These courses have same content, methodology, and concept as in a regular course.

Content - Every level covers 4 skills (reading comprehension, listening, comprehension, writing as well as speaking)

Duration - Active teaching in an A1 online course is 40 hours where the trainer is exclusively present online for the participant. Apart from the 40 teaching hours the student is expected to put in minimum 20 hours to complete
assignments and send them back to the trainer via mail.

Frequency - The frequency of the session can be decided by the participant as per convenience. (A session of 1 hour everyday or a longer session 3 times a week etc.)

Individual coaching - This is individual coaching. The teacher is available only for you. If the student has any queries or doubts they will be solved immediately.

Time limit - For A1 level maximum 60 days. (2 months)
Method: The course is conducted via Skype , assignments sent via E-mail, as well as interactive exercises are provided with links given by the trainer.

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